How To Help Others

Chances are good you’ve come to this web site in search of practical ideas for how to help friends or loved ones in their grief. “What’s the right thing to say?” or “What can I do?” If you are in a close personal relationship with the family, consider these suggestions from blogger Kristi Bother :

Do’s and Don’ts

Perhaps you are not in close proximity or lack the confidence to closely share such painful grief. There are many ways to show your concern. Please know that every gesture counts.

  • Send a card just to say “I care”. Use the baby’s name.
  • Make a charitable donation in the baby’s memory.
  • Send a pizza – or a gift card for fast food to be picked up when it’s convenient for them.
  • Commit to send a card on major holidays (Mother’s Day and Christmas). Consider including a print off of “Surviving the Holidays“.
  • Purchase a decorative box for the parents to keep cards & mementos. (Available at most craft supply stores.)

There are many unique ways to demonstrate concern when a baby dies. Feel free to consider some of the suggestions we’ve listed under Remembering Baby or do your own search on the internet. As always, we are available to help. Please contact us.