Need Our Help?

The loss of a baby merges two unique and emotional life events: birth and death. Months of expectant anticipation shattered by the stark realization of loss causes new parents to face urgent and often confusing decisions. If you are visiting our website seeking help following a loss, please see these initial resources:

We, at AgapéCare Cradle have often been referred to as “the EMT of infant loss.” It is in that moment when parents most need help navigating the whole funeral process. And who wouldn’t? No one is prepared to bury their baby! Often, we get a call before baby has been delivered, or sometimes directly after. We are well acquainted with economical and sympathetic funeral homes & cemeteries in and around Wichita. We work in cooperation with any facility a family chooses. If you need our immediate help, please call (316)263-4673.

Since we have relinquished certain licenses and have dramatically reduced our overhead costs, we are able to maintain an inventory of practical funeral goods such as casket/vault combos, urns, guest books, etc. We have been known to supply balloons for a balloon release at a graveside service, or the occasional casket bow should a family lack the resources. We are generous as God is generous to us in His matchless love and mercy.

We at AgapéCare Cradle also provide valuable grief resources such as local services, grief sharing groups, book recommendations, and helpful internet links. These can be found under The Grief Journey.